Rebekka Vanderhaeghen born in 1984 is a belgian

 interdisciplinary visual artist based in Brussels.


 With a background in contemporary dance,

 photography and fashion,her works are a constant

 quest to explore life’s mysteries;

 the connection between body and mind, the

 individual and the universe, man and nature,

 where eros meets thanatos.


 By combining different artforms like dance,

 photography, painting and sculpture

 she creates a new visual language that

 transcends the boundaries between these  

 disciplines,layer upon layer.

 Starting from a curiosity and an exploration of

 deep knowing and feeling,

 her works can be seen as philosophical 

 methaphors for life.

 With the human body as her canvas,

 Vanderhaeghen makes the invisible visible

 and the intangible tangible.


Special thank you to all the models,

actors and dancers she was privileged

to work with.

Also to the collectors who make it possible for her

to do what she loves the most.